Branding Creation and Stewardship

Throughout her 25-year marketing and sales career, Ginger has led marketing teams in the stewardship of some of the world’s leading brands – Pizza Hut®, Taco Bell®, Prudential®, HomeBase®, Barbie®, Baskin-Robbins®, Korean Air®, American Express®.
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Disease Management Experience

Ginger was Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of New Business Development for Lindora Medical Weight Control from 2002 to early 2009. Lindora, Inc. is the largest operator of medically based weight loss treatment centers in the United States. Over the past 38 years, Lindora® has focused primarily on offering its products and services to southern California residents.

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Experience Within the Convenient Care, Obesity Management, Healthcare, Consumer Retail Industries

Ginger created and nurtured relationships with key thought leaders in various aspects of the healthcare community. Her work with the Harvard Obesity Medical Center, Allergan, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Albertsons® Supervalu®, the Diabetes Association, Convenient Care Association, Quick Health®, CalorieKing®, Atherotech®, Altura®, Glaxo Smith Kline®, and nutritional products manufacturers including Robards®, Promedis®, Bariatrics Nutritionals®, etc. has given her a solid background and experience in this category.

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Creative Problem-Solving and Visionary Strategic Thinking

While Ginger’s experience crosses several categories, there are two threads that connect every professional experience.

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"Ginger and her partners create and nurture relationships with key thought leaders across a variety of industries"
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"Ginger is a creative and thoughtful leader who inspires those she works with to achieve more than they ever thought they could."