Effective Strategic Business Solutions

Aha! is the business partner you’ve been looking for to help you create, manage and improve your marketing and sales strategies. We are not consultants in the typical sense; rather we dive into your business with a daily hands-on approach to not only create the strategies but to help you execute them – we know you have enough to do already.

Aha! Unlimited Consulting helps businesses excel by providing a host of creative and strategic consulting services, including:

  • Business Strategy for launching new companies and products, leveraging existing business channels for increased results, and soliciting investors
  • Operations optimization
  • Digital Strategies including website development, SEO/SEM strategy, E-Commerce and Customer Experience
  • Branding and repositioning for both online and offline marketing tactics
  • Company and product naming
  • Product and Services Commercialization
  • Start-up Strategies

Examples of this:

Company A: the owner of a medium-sized family owned business came to us with the objective of re-staging the company in order to be appealing to financial or strategic investors. After an initial Discovery phase, we identified several issues:

  • Company was inefficient and un-optimized to result in an impressive EBITDA
  • Sales pipeline was weak and un-developed.
  • Lack of strength in the sales team.
  • Customer service process was uninspiring, and customer service was the key point of difference – it determined margin advantage and differentiated company from aggressive, Goliathic competition.
  • Equity partner with long-term presence was negatively impacting the effectiveness of the company overall, and was responsible for a negative financial liability

What did Aha! do?

  • Analyzed current company state to reveal potential for growth
  • Wrote short and long-term business plan outlining specific strategies for improving margin and increasing topline growth
  • Hired new sales leader
  • Hired and trained sales team
  • Hired and trained customer service call center team
  • Defined marketing plan and unique selling proposition
  • Developed new marketing and branding materials
  • Managed new website design and development
  • Developed and executed customer retention program
  • Orchestrated Equity partner’s removal from Board and ownership position
  • Hired HR manager for company; reduced worker’s comp impact immediately
  • Facilitated introductions to both Private Equity and strategic buyers, resulting in successful transaction in January, 2015.
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"Aha! develops individual talent and disciplines across all types of companies - small and large."
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